Episode 4- Space Ape: 1999

> September 23rd, 2012 ---
Back around again for a fourth episode. They speak about... Primeval Doctor who S07E01-4 Planet of the Apes Beneath The Planet of the Apes Escape from the Planet of the Apes


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Cool Picture

> September 23rd, 2012 ---

A Dalek drawn by Gabby Lloyd. Hey I might use this for the podcast image

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Episode 3: Third Time Unlucky

> August 31st, 2012 ---

Were back this time for real. With Heavy breathing and dinosaurs. Old News and mystery segment. So enjoy.

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Where to Find Episode 2

> August 6th, 2012 ---

Episode 2 Can be found at //theliberatingpodcast.podomatic.com/ as it will not upload to this site

The Liberating Podcast Teaser

> August 6th, 2012 ---

Sorry we haven't been on for a while due to technical difficulties but we are back and we recorded a teaser of what's to come...

Featuring Gareth and Will Lloyd.

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> May 17th, 2012 ---

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Quick reminder

> May 6th, 2012 ---

a new episode is coming soon so make sure you get your feedback to liberatingpodcast@live.com

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Podcast- #001- Rambling on and on

> May 1st, 2012 ---

IT'S HERE THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE LIBERATING PODCAST Listen to us talk about Game of Thrones and Doctor Who- Death in Blackpool

here are some useful links- //www.drwho-online.co.uk/releases/-Learn More about the reprints

//merchandise.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/- Learn more about the character releases

Death in Blackpool- //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ1E5gordv0

that's the first part you can ind the rest o it in the related videos or search for death in blackpool part 1, 2, 3, or 4

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Coming Soon…

> May 1st, 2012 ---

Soon The Liberating Podcast is going to do something different... The recording of an episode... IN WILL'S SCHOOL. At Will's school The doctor who club will record a 20-minute disscosion about something dr whoey.

Here is our NEW logo

> April 30th, 2012 ---

To Celebrate being at the top of search results on google if you type in The Liberating Podcast i made a new logo...Theliberatingpodcast2ndlogo.jpg

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